Practical Moon Club

What do you DO with all the theory about moon work? You focus on the Practical.

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Practical Moon Club provides guidance for what do you DO with all the theory about moon work?

  • Yes, you have moon books,
  • Yes, you can muddle through yourself
  • Yes, you have been called to answer the niggle ‘there MUST be something to this moon stuff ~ as other people are doing it ~ and it’s been working for 1000’s of years ~ it’s never gone out of fashion’ but I just don’t get it’.

BUT WHAT DO YOU DO? What does it look like? What do you need? Will it take over your life? Will you need to keep it a secret? Will people think you’re mad?

Work with me…


I'm inviting you to join Practical Moon Club

  • Your safe space to practice your moon work
  • To create your personal way of working with the moon.
  • To be supported.
  • To get the results you want.

There are lots of moon groups out there to join, and lots of ways to learn to work with the moon, PRACTICAL Moon Club is about DOING.



Life is too short, don’t bank future regrets, What if you ignore the voice in your head that wants to satisfy your curiosity and you bury your niggle deep inside you and you never give it a try, you never work with the moon, you never harness both your and it’s power, and

You’ll never know.

You want a safe space to learn about the moon.  You want other people in the same situation as you. You want to learn from each other.  You want to be able to ask all the silly questions, as we know there are no silly questions, and you want to be able to ask anyway, You want to have fun. You want to have success. You want to mess up. You want to know this is part of the journey. You want to be safe with all of the ups and downs. You want great company. You want it all. And you want to be okay with wanting it all because you know you deserve it.



My goal, vision, dream, aspiration for these meetings is that you will share your learning and experiences with others.  That the conversation will go, 

  • Ohhh I’m definitely going to try that, 
  • Wow that’s interesting, 
  • Oh I never thought of that, and 
  • Do you remember that time …., and
  • Much more

That there will be ups and downs, laughing and learning and that you take all that you learn and pay it forward.




Your goals, your personal practice, and whatever else is important to you. 

I provide monthly content, answer your quesions and provide support for you.


Will everything be recorded?

Yes. Your meetings will be recorded for you to download and keep as you require.


Will everything be hosted online?

Yes. Your meetings will be on Zoom, you will receive your meeting room invitation, your online meetings are private and secure.


How long are the meetings?

We meet for 45 minutes only.  Yes, the meetings could be longer as there is so much that could be covered about the moon in any meeting, and … other support is available for that.


Is there any other support?

Yes –regular Q&A’s ~ this is your opportunity to ask any questions about moon work, and regular AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) your opportunity to ask any questions that come up for you during our time together. 


What is the investment?

£3.33 per month for the first 3 people These memberships have been taken 

£6.66 per month for the next 6 people

£9.99 per month for the next 9 people

£14.99 per month, thereafter ~ approximately £0.50p per day for each moon cycle

You can cancel your membership at any time

Should you wish to rejoin your membership will be at the new rate.


Is there anything else I need to know?

For completeness, the information I share with you about moon work is on the understanding that it is given for research, spiritual, and, or entertainment purposes only.  

The accuracy of any information cannot be guaranteed. All and any information is given as guidance only and is subject to your interpretation. 

Any decisions, and, or, choices you make based on this information remain your sole personal and legal responsibility. 

If you require specific legal, financial, medical or other advice, you should seek a suitable licensed professional.

To use this service you must be over 18 years of age.

By joining, and, or paying for any service offered through Practical Moon Club you are attesting that you have read this disclaimer and accept these terms of service and that you are over 18 years of age.

“Good to reflect on own experiences”

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