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It’s time to look after you

Hello lovey

These are challenging times right now, and the natural response is to do your best to hold onto ‘Normal’.

Whilst this feels like a natural response, it’s also increasingly difficult to do, and you find yourself exhausted.

And in all this chaos, here’s what you know to be true:

● You still need to look after you every day.
● You need to put your oxygen mask on first
● You are stepping into your wisdom to navigate these changes

You need to know want you want if only a couple more hours sleep to a direction with certainty and focus…

The first steps to get there…

Expert support along the way to take care of ourselves, our families and our world…

I’m here to help.

Work with me…


I'm inviting you to book your 1-to-1 with me

  • Your safe space to be you.
  • To create your bespoke plan.
  • To be supported.
  • To get the results you want.

Tools, tips and techniques you can immediately implement that WORK.



Here’s the thing: As a woman, you have enough on your plate every day anyway! Without bushfires, viruses and civil rights. You have heartfelt desires you wish to come true.

Ordinarily, the pressures on you, want to keep you as you are. These pressures are not natural, they are man-made. Ordinarily, we remove these pressures layer by layer, allowing you to step fully into yourself.



Now we have a greater cause, it’s time to remove these pressures with greater urgency and more clarity.

You know it’s’ time to take care of yourself, take care of your family, take care of your community, take care of your world, in a way that is fully natural to you, and be fully supported in the process.




Whatever your goals are – from decreasing anxiety, creating a new normal for you, stepping into your wisdom, to confidently speaking, standing and showing up as the change you want to see.


Will everything be recorded?

Yes. Your meetings will be recorded for you to download and keep as you require.


Will everything be hosted online?

Yes. Your meetings will be on Zoom, you will receive your meeting room invitation, your online meetings are private and secure.


How long is our session?

Sessions are usually one hour, allow 90 minutes in your diary for your comfort. 


What time will the sessions be available?

I am available between 9 am and 3 pm Tuesday to Friday. You will be directed to my calendar to book a time that works for you. If you need time outside of these hours please contact me here and I can give you details of premium availability.


Is there a follow up?

Yes – between 7 and 14 days we have a 15-minute call to consolidate your work and you decide your next steps. 


What is the investment?

Your investment for a one-to-one session is £66.00

“Good to reflect on own experiences”

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