I want you to know that I GET that this title does not make sense, and it will later.

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The Balsamic principle is perfect for this time of year, and once a month

so I will start with 

  • What is balsamic, then 
  • The natural way to use it,
  • The Man-made way to use it,
  • Steps you might want to take,
  • Your power in the combination of them both

What is balsamic?

When I say Balsamic you probably think of vinegar don’t you, most people do.  You also know that the word Balsamic comes from the word balsam to soothe.

But your brain likes quick and easy answers, see the book Thinking Fast And Slow – By Daniel Kahneman who was awarded the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, for his work on the psychology of judgement and decision-making and other things.

So yes it is easy to think of balsamic vinegar, but you also know that balsamic vinegar is not soothing, it is not as sharp as other vinegar, but it does have that enjoyable tartness to it.

True balsamic vinegar ~ Aceto balsamico ~ is very dark, is aged several years in wooden barrels, is rich and glossy and beautifully balances the natural sweet and sour of the grape.

Imitation balsamic vinegar may contain 20% grape, mixed with other kinds of vinegar, made quickly and with added colour for darkness, added sweeteners for taste, and added thickeners for consistency.

Both true and imitation balsamic vinegar, and I have bought and used both versions myself and will probably continue to do so, are called ~ Aceto balsamico ~ balsamico, meaning balsam like.

Neither true nor imitation balsamic vinegar contain balsam!

Balsam is generally known as a resin or sap from trees or plants, originating as the perfumed gum of the balsam tree.

Balsam has been used extensively in medicine across the Middle East and Europe and has numerous medical uses.  The Balsam of Matariyya was said to be derived from an Egyptian plant and is sometimes also referred to as the balm of Gilead or the balm of Mecca.*

This balsam resin is made into a balm, by gently heating until it melts and added to a substance such as a beeswax that can be applied as a salve to soothe and heal. Both frankincense and myrrh are resins, for excellent information on their health benefits see this article at U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM) 

This gives us loads of clues about the natural way to use it.

We naturally have one balsamic phase a year and one balsamic phase each moon cycle so twelve or thirteen times a year.

Both the year and the moon cycle have eight parts, most of us know the four seasons and some us know four moon phases, each season and each moon phase has two parts.

We are in the second part of autumn, the balsamic phase. How do we know that?  Because it is dark, this is the darkest time of year, the days are only getting darker until we reach solstice and celebrate the shortest day of the year.  

For the moon cycle, the moon is almost gone, there is a sliver in the sky, but it is only getting darker until it completes its cycle and becomes new again.

NB ~ when we spend 3 to fours days a month working with the balsamic phase of the moon, we are ready to transfer what we know to work with the balsamic phase of the year.

As you grow into your daily wisdom, you too become rich and glossy, and you beautifully balance the natural sweet and sour of the year.

You know the balsam tree is a fir, an evergreen tree, the type we put in our homes to celebrate eternal life (as their leaves are evergreen), lest we forget in these dark days. You choose the perfect tree for your home for its beauty and the smell, because each time you see it in your home it makes you smile, it soothes your soul. 

You know there is no more harvesting to be done, you know it is time to let go of what does not work for you, you know it is time to connect with your soul star chakra, you know it is time to reflect, to rest, to restore ❤️ This is the natural way of things. 

Then why don’t we naturally use it?

The Man-made way of things wants you to use electric light. It is not all bad news, without electric light you wouldn’t be able to decorate the balsam fir trees with lights as you do, but electric light wasn’t designed for the joy of twinkling fairy lights, the electric light established social order after sundown, and extended the workday well into the night.

Think of it like Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol, he just wanted you to work, no reflecting, no resting, no restoring, just work. Yes, you have created joy from electric light, from twinkling fairy lights to safety in street lights, to memories in neon night clubs, and the fact remains that the Man-made way of things has removed our time to reflect, to rest, to restore, to soothe and to heal. 

You no longer work with the natural seasons of the year, the natural phases of the moon, nor the natural length of the day, from sunrise to sunset, you keep working.

You are no longer connected to darkness as a natural phase of the year., no longer connected to the cycle that it is important to complete, gather your energies and be ready to begin anew, you just keep working.

You keep working, and if you get sick, as many do at this time of year, you are not given a traditional balm of natural balsam that has more effective therapeutic advantages because of their multi-target and multi-channel characteristics, yes I did get this from the NIH study, you are given a max power tablet and expected to power on through.  

Even though your body is telling you, hey I am not meant to be working this much, I am meant to be resting and restoring, the Man-made way of things is to just keep working.

This is explained much better by Dr Libby Weaver who says

The pace of modern life has drastically increased – but even though our minds can go faster and technology allows us to get more done, our bodies still have cavewoman-like biology – which means they cannot respond healthily to the new and constant pressures we experience, …  a stressful, fast-paced lifestyle can have dangerous effects on all areas of a woman’s health.

With that in mind here are some ways you can work with the Balsamic phase each month and each year.

First know that things are starting to change, in her book Thrive, Arianna Huffington writes about overcoming the exhaustion of the workplace and gives ways to revolutionise the workplace and of course, thrive.  This is great news, and it is still like turning a tanker, it takes time.  It is probably best for you to start now.

And maybe you have started now. 2020 has allowed you to look at your health as covid-19 comes with a list of comorbidities to address.  It has allowed you to look at the work you do, can it be done from home? Do you love it? Is it a risk of not supporting you and your family into the future? It has allowed you to look at the people you spend time with as they are removed from you during a lockdown and relief from people you do not want to spend time with for the same reason.

So yes, you may have started. And how else can you work with the balsamic phase each month?

  • Work sunrise to sunset if you can.
  • Work your scheduled hours only, if you cannot work sunrise to sunset.
  • Prepare a few sentences to decline any additional work requests, such as “I am sorry, I already have plans”.
  • Set aside projects you have started and not finished.
  • Be kind to yourself about projects you have not finished.
  • Don’t keep any projects that do not bring you joy.
  • Release anything else that is no longer working for you.
  • Wind down.
  • List the ways that you enjoy downtime, and put a couple in your diary. Examples could be
    • A pyjama day
    • A book, coffee and cake day (at home or your favourite cafe)
    • Spend one to one time with a close friend.
    • Take a yoga class.
    • Meditate.
  • A quiet night in, with no TV, just you, your loved ones and your favourite pastimes. 
  • Honour your emotions.
  • Listen to your intuition.
  • Sleep.
  • Identify what you can take out of your diary, to give yourself time to reflect, rest, restore, to soothe and to heal. 
  • Surrender to the healing power of rest.
  • Identify any areas of your life/lifestyle that would benefit from a natural salve, what causes you pain, literally and figuratively, what makes you inflamed?
  • What comes to mind for you as a natural healer? 
    • Is it a salve that will cool and heal your skin? Is it a bath that will hold you and immerse you? Is it a natural healer that will soothe your soul? Is it just a one-person only retreat, for you, where you can remember yourself again? Is it any of these things? Is it all of these things?
  • List all the ways you can be kind and gentle with yourself?
  • Don’t start new projects.
  • Don’t take dramatic action. **
  • Don’t make big decisions. **
  • Complete the cycle, honour the ending of the year, and, or, the end of the month.

Your Power is the combination of the Natural and Man-made way of things that works for you.

You cannot make an educated and informed decision without all the information, otherwise, you may find you have created yourself a brilliant ladder that has been placed against the wrong wall.

Whatever it is for you, the information you Balsamic phase has for you, I wish you all every success 💛

Love Karen xx

* MILWRIGHT, MARCUS (June 2003). “The balsam of Matariyya: an exploration of a medieval panacea”.

** Unless your safety depends upon it.

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Your Power is the combination of the Natural and Man-made way of things that works for you

You cannot make an educated and informed decision without all the information, otherwise, you may find you have created yourself a brilliant ladder that has been placed against the wrong wall.

Whatever it is for you, I wish you all the best 💛

Love, Karen xx