What do my clients say about working with me?

I am a hard task master. I have told others often about so-called “experts” that in my opinion fail to deliver.

My father always said “you earned that money, spend it wisely, it took you hard work to earn that money”.

And he was right. Sadly I have seen other people spend money and time on so-called experts. That have brought nothing, at least nothing better than I could have brought to the table.

And then there is a breath of fresh air.
And she is called Karen Wilson.

She is the breath of fresh air that is stimulating, surprising, educational, fun (yes fun!), expert and so much more.

She is the person that you will wonder how you got through life this far without.

That is my recommendation to you.

And if you think I’m crazy and have no idea about what I’m talking about – I run a £1million business (that’s growing all the time) so I must be doing something right.

Company Director

Initially, I felt unsure of what was going to be involved, but was very open minded.

Now that my coaching is at an end, I do feel slightly sad, as I enjoyed the 1:1 sessions and it was helpful having someone independent to speak to you about work and the visions you have for yourself. I feel more confident in my role and learned a lot about myself.

The most helpful thing about the sessions was having the space to talk and have protected time. I felt at ease during the sessions and comfortable to be open and honest about how I was feeling which enable me to gain more out of the sessions.

I really enjoyed the sessions and enjoyed the fact my focus changed throughout depending on what was happening at work, but still have the main points for myself to focus on. I have learned more about myself as a person and leader and the sessions have given me more confidence.

Gillian M.

Inspiring. Hugely inspiring. I came away from each session feeling refreshed and with confidence and ideas to take forward and develop. I have deliberately taken time between the final session and completing this feedback to reflect and consider the approaches I learned from Karen and these are ideas I draw upon daily. I would highly recommend Karen.

Jim S.

“I have benefitted hugely…”

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