Today we are talking about the third Sunday in the season of advent, or as I am calling it the gathering.


Today we are talking about the third Sunday in the season of advent, or as I am calling it the gathering. You started gathering information two weeks ago, as you can no longer work on the land (when I use the term LAND it represents the natural way of WORK over the course of the year), as you can no longer work on the land you begin the work for next year by gathering all you need to be prepared for ‘the arrival of a notable person or thing.’

‘the arrival of a notable person or thing.’ is the meaning of the word advent.

You are a notable person, and your light is a notable thing.

You have gathered Hope and Peace,  if you want to go back and read them that’s great, but don’t put pressure on yourself to catch up, just start here, gathering what you can, you will end up with more than enough to work with and probably more than any previous year.

and this week you gather … Joy 

You would know this from the title of the episode, although you can gather them in the order that works best for you, there is no right way, there is no wrong way, there is only your way. 

I am using Prophets–Angels–Shepherds–Magi.

Because this follows the natural way of things.

 You are your own prophet, you inherently know what brings you joy, how to create joy for yourself and how to share your joy with others. joy is held in your etheric body, in both your physical and non-physical body, you already know this to be true if you have listened to the Soul Star Chakra episode, I will put the link in the show notes, you are in touch with the joy your divine being, it is a connection with your human self, and you will also know that this is perfect for this time of year.

 Angels shine their light in the darkness, showing you what joy is to be reconnected with, what you think is joyous but isn’t any longer and needs to be released, and what joy needs to be created anew.

The light shows you what joy is possible for you when your light returns, after the shortest day. You have these few weeks in the darkest part of the year to shine your light in all your nooks, crannies, and crevices to gather the information that you will use soon.

The Shepherds were terrified of the angels, you could be terrified of acknowledging your potential for joy, this is natural, as discussed in the Soul Star Chakra episode because it can be confronting, shining a light on things you would rather keep in the dark can be scary indeed. Which brings you to the Magi.

The Magi, known as the wise men who came from the east, brought gifts for the newborn sun, or son. Magi, meaning wisdom, or more accepted at the time, astrologers and magicians, completes the natural way of the gathering, yes you may be scared of what joy you have gathered and your wisdom knows you will be okay. 

You know that the possibility for joy is present and rises every day. 

You know that the Magi brought gold, frankincense and myrrh, and you know these have healing properties, you can use your wisdom to heal where joy has not been present and to allow joy to flourish once again.

“When we are centred in joy, we attain our wisdom.”

Marianne Williamson

The man-made way of things doesn’t share with you the natural way of experiencing joy …

… well it does until we are aged around seven, and this is a different conversation. 

The man-made way of things would rather you be productive than joyous, there is safety for the community in being productive, of fitting in, of being controllable, the man-made way doesn’t allow for you to be productive AND joyous, joy and many other things are disapproved of indeed.

The man-made way does not want you connected to divine power, it wants you disconnected so that it can have man-made power over you. It does not want you to shine your personal light upon your joy, it wants you to use electric light so that you can work without rest 5 days a week 52 weeks of the year. 

NB I am NOT anti electric light, there are lots of good things about it. I AM pro knowing both the natural way and the man-made way so that you can make these best decisions that work for you AND electric light wasn’t designed for the joy of twinkling fairy lights of the season, the electric light established social order after sundown, and extended the workday well into the night

The man-made way of things is afraid of your personal power and our collective power because as you step into yours and we collectively step into ours, it erodes theirs because theirs is false power. It is known to be false power as it is not in alignment with the natural way of things, it has been constructed to keep you being productive, fitting in, and being controllable.

Your hope, peace, joy, love and personal power can be confronting to those in man-made power, shining a light on things they would rather keep in the dark can be scary for them indeed.

The man-made way does not want you to bring your wisdom, it does not want you to bring your understanding of purpose, it does not want you to create your personal magic, it does not want you to know you will be okay, it wants you to be afraid and it wants you to feel that you will only be okay if you follow their man-made rules. 

The man-made way of things; 

  • Does not reach you about joy
  • Has no place for joy in your day to day activities

There are some simple steps to take to gather your joy…

… for you to celebrate the return of the sun S U N, and the return of your light that shines within you, let’s gather your JOY.

The first step is to know that it’s natural in this part of this process to feel uncomfortable because hope, peace and joy might not naturally feel that they go together, that there is a disconnect between them all, this is natural, trust the process and gather joy anyway.

Joy is to fun what the deep sea is to a puddle. It’s a feeling inside that can hardly be contained. – Terry Pratchett

As previously for Hope and Peace, decide if you will use the NET, No Extra Time method, the making specific time method or a combination of the two.

Start to make your list. 😊 

Google dictionary defines JOY, amongst other things, as

a feeling of great pleasure and happiness 

  • What brings you great pleasure?
  • What brings you great happiness?
  • What brings you small pleasure?
  • What brings you small happiness?

  • What does not bring you pleasure?
  • What does not bring you happiness?
  • What can you let go of? 


  • What do you inherently know to bring you joy?
  • How to already create joy for yourself?
  • How could you create more joy for yourself?
  • How do you currently share your joy with others?
  • How could you share your joy with others?

  • What would joy be like for you?
  • What would it look like?
  • Sound like?
  • Feel like?
  • Smell like?
  • Taste like? 

Gather all of your thoughts to these questions and your own and, 

  • Simply list them
  • Do not limit yourself
  • Do not censor yourself.
  • What brings you joy can be the big obvious things for you
  • What brings you joy can be tiny things, that you almost overlook when gathering
  • Your joy may come to you from your head, 
  • From your heart,
  • From your stomach, 
  • From an experience, 

From seeing how other people experience joy, you may think oh yes please I’d like some of that for me too.

Don’t limit your list.

As an aside, there can be many layers to this exercise, from self-trust, self-talk, how you feel when you gather your joy and add them to your collection, this can be the topic for a future podcast if it is of interest to you let me know in the comments, for now, you are simply gathering your joy, enjoy it. ~ yes, the steps for joy are almost the same as the steps for hope, and peace, as they probably will also be for next week.

Have fun with the process.

If you are not familiar, or comfortable with, the word JOY you can also list all the things that would bring you amusement, charm, comfort, delight, and wonder.

Expand your JOY list.

Then you can begin to think about joy a little further afield, what do think would bring joy for your;

  • partner, spouse, significant other?
  • children
  • parents
  • community
  • village, town or city,
  • county
  • country
  • continent
  • global family?

Use your imagination to cover joy for everybody, in every situation possible.

Know of course that you are not responsible for creating joy for everybody, you are simply gathering, this is all that is asked of you, no need to get ahead, no need to beat yourself up for all of the things that are still on your list after maybe many listings, you are simply to have fun gathering items for your list.

Don’t overthink this, it is not a test, it does not have to be perfect it simply needs to be done 😊 

My wish for you this gathering season is that …

My wish for you this gathering season is that you sit with Joy, maybe over a cup of tea, or a glass of wine. Maybe speak about Joy with your family and friends. Maybe just let Joy accompany you on your daily activities so you get to know each other well. 

Because taking the time to gather everything you need now, over these dark weeks, yes in addition to all of the preparations for Yule and Christmas, means that you will soon be ready to put what you need together in a way that works for you.

I wish you every success.

Love Karen xx

8 + 14 =

Your Power is the combination of the Natural and Man-made way of things that works for you

You cannot make an educated and informed decision without all the information, otherwise, you may find you have created yourself a brilliant ladder that has been placed against the wrong wall.

Whatever it is for you, I wish you every success 💛

Love, Karen xx