Hello, I’m Karen Mary Wilson and I help you sort out the natural from the unnatural way of things, but what does that even mean?

You know when it’s December and you have four hundred million things on your to do list, yes even if you love Christmas and it sparks joy in you in every way, there’s your work year end, have you done enough to put your ‘Out Of Office’ on?  Have you posted everyone’s gift? Or have you made a plan to deliver to all the people you need to get a gift to? Even the difficult ones?  Have you sorted out a fair balance between where you will spend your time? Is it your family or your partners? Is the nativity plan in the diary? And your works’ Christmas do? And your partners?!!! And then there is the menu, the shopping, the budget, buying the tree, organising New Year, will you set resolutions? It is endless…..

It’s exhausting! It feels like you are doing all of the work of the year in one month….

And yet…

This is the very season of the year where the natural way of things is to do the least work…

Yes the least…this is the natural way of things.

You know this to be true because we have the least sunlight, and for millennia, before 1870 with the widespread use of electric light, our work day was directed by sunrise and sunset.

Yes I can hear you…

BUT Karen we don’t live like that any more, and no we don’t. (?? two don’ts?)

AND I’m going to share with you, how we can bring the principle of doing the natural thing at the natural time can help you release the pressure from doing the things at the unnatural time of the year and bring you more joy and happiness, whilst we live in this modern world. 😊

And I’m going to share this with you via this blog and some classes ~ woo hoo 😊

So if you sometimes feel you are pushing water uphill ~ you are probably doing the right thing at an unnatural time or in an unnatural way ~ I know, I’ve been there, and done that and got the t-shirt, or two, or three. 😂

If you feel like there MUST be a better way, trust me there is.

And if you just feel like you are tired of ALL the nonsense, the pressure, you just want to put all the baggage down and be yourself, you have come to the right place.

I have a general idea of what I plan to write and when…also known as…oodles and oodles of things to share with you, gathered over a lifetime of experience and turning it into expertise, and YET…

You will get the most out of this blog if you tell me what you would like me to write about, there isn’t anything  too small to ask, if you feel out of sorts about something but can’t put your finger on it, that’s exactly the place to start.

Just ask me here…

3 + 12 =

My goals are to write and to teach 😊 And I’m ready to grow into a routine that supports me supporting you in this way 😊 
I’d ❤️ it if you’d join me. 

PS Yes I am smiley, I can understand why you’d think ‘She’s never been an Executive Coach!’ and yes I have, and I loved every minute of it, and I took my smile with me to every meeting I was helping someone in difficulty. 
You can read about my corporate and professional career here. 


And whilst I ❤️ ‘d this work I ❤️ what I’m doing now more, it’s my time to share the knowledge I have gained through experience to as many people who are ready to know as possible, it’s time to pay it forward, I’m ready for the next step and I’d ❤️ it if you would join me.

Love, Karen xx