About Karen

Teacher, writer & mentor for women who want to say “I choose this…”


What’s my story?

After 20+ years as a coach & mentor in the corporate world, my beautiful new business was created to help women – exactly like you – who know there’s an easier way to do things, get things done, achieve goals, be more at peace and less pissed off with the world!

And right now, you can’t put your finger on why you are?

You know there is more to life than the hamster wheel, you know that life is too short, and you definitely don’t want to have the same regrets your parents had.

You want to be in control and to flourish in a new way of organising their life and time.

I’ve got experience and expertise in bucket loads! Have done my 10,000 hours apprenticeship and then some.

I’ve been through the skepticism, I’ve proved it works, and I put my heart into working with others.

I won’t be for everybody, but I am for those who know in their heart they are ready for a change, they are safe with me.

Do you want understand the difference between the natural way of things and the man-made way of things? Both have pros and cons

With understanding each person can make decisions based on what is right for the at that time

Ancient wisdom for modern times.

How does it work?

By giving you information so you can make educated and informed decisions. I will support you in standing in their confidence to say “I Choose This…”


“Really useful and cathartic”

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