The three best times of year to set your goals

Yes I know that everyone thinks that New Years Eve is the best time to set your goals, you are meant to start January by ‘Hitting the ground running’ and yet this is the WORST time of year to set your goals. I’m going to share with you three better times of the year instead.

It is the worst time because you are not supported by the natural way of things, you are unlikely to have the energy to create sustainable results, because let’s face it, it’s dark we are meant to be our human version of hibernating, and on a practical, real life scenario we are unlikely to have champagne and canapes in the fridge from New Year’s Eve, accompanied by kale and spinach for New Year’s Day.

In future blogs I’ll share the Three Best Goals to Set, AND…If you don’t want to set ANY goals at all that is absolutely okay  too, you see over the course of a year we get the opportunity to look at all the areas that make up one human life, so you can jump into these at any time you want.

The first best time of the year to set a goal is at any harvest point of the year. You see the natural way of things gives us time to set our goals, to mull over the information to see if it truly belongs to you, instead of setting goals because you are expected to.

 And there are three harvest points, starting on 1st August, you celebrate the first harvest of your year, the natural way of things gives you many opportunities. It’s not a pass or fail metric, thank goodness. When you harvest you ask yourself, do I like this enough to want to harvest this again next year? If yes, you add it to your new goal list. If no, you definitely DON’T add it to your goal list! There is as much power in this step, as there is saying yes you would like this again, Or you say, yes I’d like this again but I would tweak it, I would do things differently to get a slightly different result

The second harvest is around 21st September, it is traditionally held on or near the Sunday of the harvest moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox.

The third harvest ends on 31st October. From 1st November you start to rest. The work for your year is done. You have had three months to lightly and deeply consider your goals. You don’t work on them, it’s not the natural time of year for that 😊

The second best time of the year to set a goal starts on 21st December, and runs untils 1st February. Notice how the natural way of things gives you time to set your goals, it’s not one and done, it’s not a box to check off, it’s a process to know if these goals will lead you to the right actions for you to take for you.

This is NOT the time of year to hit the ground running, this is NOT the time of the year to take massive action, see other post?

This is the very season of the year where the natural way of things is to do the least work…

This is the time of year for you become very clear on your goals, consider the saying attributed to Abraham Lincoln…

“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe.”

This is that time, there is a natural time to start working on your goals, and we will get to that, I promise, for now all you have to do it set them 😊

The third best time of the year to set a goal is when something pivotal happens either to you, or that affects you. You have a paradigm shift, and this can happen at any time of year and yet the way you see the world changes, you can never see your world in the same way again. Sometimes this comes in the form of illness (your or a loved ones), Sometimes this comes in the form of an ending, it could be a divorce, a bereavement, a job or a business loss, whatever it is you cannot see what that would be until it happens.

All you know is there has to be a whole new way ahead for you, and you start to set new goals from here.

And as you can see these three best times of year to set your goals are not moments in time, they are not one and done, you have time, three prompts if you chose the harvest method over a period of three months. Six weeks if you use the winter method. And as long as you need when your life changes drastically.

When you change from the New Year’s Eve method, it will feel strange, it will feel uncomfortable. You will probably feel the odd one out, as your peer group jumps on the New Year’s Eve bandwagon. This is actually a good sign 😊 Keep going, you are supported by the natural way of things AND you have much more chance of long-term success ❤️

PS Let me know one of these three things: 

  • The goal setting method you currently use, that works for you.
  • If you choose one of these methods, what one did you choose and why? 
  • If you choose one of these methods, what successes have you had? 

PPS what else do you need to know to help you change to one of these times of year to set your goals? Let me know and I’ll write a blog for you.

Love, Karen xx